Headset Button

Player and FM radio control via wired headset button

Headset Button screen

Headset Button is an application which extends functionality of wired headset button. Usually you can use wired headset button only for phone calls. With Headset Button you can switch tracks and FM channels, pause and resume playback, rewind and fast forward, change volume, and all this while your device peacefully rests in its case or in your pocket.

Headset Button works on devices of various manufacturers. Among them HTC, Glofiish and RoverPC. (See complete list of compatible devices.)

Headset Button supports number of third-party players: TCPMP, Pocket Player, Pocket Music, Nitrogen... (See complete list of players.)

Headset Button recognizes five different types of presses: single, double, triple, long (press & hold) and double long (the second press is long). Each press type can be assigned specific command. The last two (long and double long) are suitable for commands which last in time, such as Fast Forward or Rewind.

If phone call comes in, the wired headset button works as usual (as arranged by manufacturer). Headset Button does not interfere with phone operation.

Fully functioning trial version of Headset Button can be freely downloaded here.

Headset Button development news

Headset Button 2.04 is released

  • Support for HTC Touch2 T3333
  • Better emulation of keystrokes: now they are sent to the target application even if it is not in the foreground
  • Minor bug fixes.

Headset Button 2.03 is released

  • Added ability to emulate keystroke or execute a program on headset button press
  • Minor bug fixes.

Headset Button 2.02 is released

  • Multilingual User Interface - Russian and Ukrainian.

(See full history of Headset Button development.)