Headset Button

The list of devices which are supported by Headset Button

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Model Status Comment
HTC Fuze Works  
HTC Pure Works  
Tilt Works  
Tilt2 Works  


Model Status Comment
P860 Works  
S900 Works  
Touch Cruise Works  

Glofiish (E-TEN)

Model Status Comment
M600+ Works  
M800 Works  
X500+ Works  
X600 Works  
X610 Works  
X650 Works  
X800 Works  
X900 Works  


Model Status Comment
P365x / Polaris / Touch Cruise Works  
P370x / Diamond / Touch Diamond Works  
P4550 / Kaiser / TyTN II Works  
T3333 / Mega / Touch2 Works  
T424x / Iolite / Touch Cruise 2009 Works  
T535x / Topaz / Touch Diamond2 Works  
T727x / Raphael / Touch Pro Works  
T737x / Rhodium / Touch Pro2 Works  
T828x / Blackstone / Touch HD Works  
T829x / Quartz / Max 4G Works  
T8585 / Leo / HD2 Works  


Model Status Comment
Xda Diamond / Xda Ignito Works  
Xda Diamond Pro / Xda Serra Works  
Xda Guide Works  
Xda Orbit 2 Works  
Xda Stellar Works  


Model Status Comment
N6 Works FM Radio is not supported
P7 Works FM Radio is not supported


Model Status Comment
T7380 / Touch Pro2 Works  


Model Status Comment
MDA Compact IV Works  
MDA Compact V Works  
MDA Vario III Works  
MDA Vario IV Works  
MDA Vario V Works  


Model Status Comment
v1615 Works